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It all started with reading Tim Ferriss' 4-Hour Work Week in 2010. In 2011, we quit our corporate jobs and dove face first into our small, but growing internet business. This blog is dedicated to sharing our journey in life, personal growth and entrepreneurship.

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Jeremy & Connie

Our Journey of Life, Personal Growth & Entrepreneurship


I Give Myself Permission


Entrepreneurship, I discovered, is not just about a journey through business.  It actually spills into my personal life, and I’ve learned a lot about myself – how I deal with setbacks, how I deal with my mindset, and how to deal with disappointments. December 2013 wasn’t a good month for us.  We were in Tokyo Read More

Branding and Community


I just came across this blog post about branding today, and got two amazing quotes out of it.  In a way, I think the quotes really relate to what we are thinking of in terms of branding for our business, and act as a guiding posts to what we want to achieve for our business Read More

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