Our Story

Jeremy and Connie are a married Canadian couple who got inspired by Tim Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week and decided to get THE HELL OUT OF THE “RAT RACE” TO PURSUE OUR OWN DREAMS.

We’re online entrepreneurs, location independent, and we slogged our way to having control over our own time and lives.  Read our first post to see how we got started.

Is it tough as heck to achieve and maintain this life style?  – Yes

Are we retired? – No

Do we wear pajamas when we work?  – Sometimes

Designing our own lifestyle is tough, but very rewarding.  Being held responsible and accountable to our own futures is daunting, but very rewarding.  Not having a regular pay cheque is scary, and not always rewarding 🙂

Follow us as we journey through life, personal growth and entrepreneurship.  Be warned: It’s not always blue skies and cute kittens, but we’ll share our victories, failures and lessons learned along the way.

and Connie


Interested in what we’ve been building?  Here are a couple of our businesses:

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